Every Journey Matters (2024)

Every Journey Matters + Awareness Without Stigma

The 2024 WBDD (#WorldBDDay) theme is “Every Journey Matters.” Birth defects affect individuals, family, friends, and communities. That’s why #EveryJourneyMatters.

While “birth defect” is a medical term, it doesn’t mean that an individual is “defective.” Instead, it refers to health conditions that develop in a baby before birth that affects the structure or function of their body. Join us on March 3rd for #WorldBDDay to raise one voice across the globe for birth defect awareness.

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8 Seconds for Birth Defects Challenge:

“Every year, around 8 million children are born with birth defects globally. Let’s take 8 seconds to raise awareness for the 8 million children affected by birth defects.”

How to participate:

  • Download and print the 8 Second Challenge sign – English | Spanish

  • Set up your camera, hold up the 8 Second Challenge sign, and hit record!
    1. State your name and country of residence if comfortable.
    2. In 8 seconds, talk about a birth defect you care about. (i.e. What is the birth defects? How does this birth defect affect daily life? How has this birth defected impacted you or someone you know?)
    3. Nominate someone within your social network to complete the 8 Second Challenge with a birth defect they care about. (i.e. family, friends, co-workers, local decision makers, and influential people).
  • Once you have a video, upload it to Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter) then tag @worldbdday (Instagram and X) / @WBDday (Facebook) and use #WorldBDday and #AwarenessWithouthStigma.

Tip: 8 seconds goes by quick! Keep it brief and insightful. If you can’t complete the challenge in 8 seconds don’t worry! The main purpose is to promote awareness, learn about birth defects, and spread the word!


Desafío de los 8 Segundos:

“Cada año, cerca de 8 millones de niños nacen con un defecto congénito en el mundo. Tomemos 8 segundos para aumentar  la concientización por los 8 millones de niños afectados con defectos congénitos.”

  • Descargue e imprima el cartel del Desafío de los 8 segundos – Inglés | Español

  • Configure su cámara, tome el cartel del Desafío de los 8 segundos y ¡comience a grabar!
    1. Diga su nombre y país de origen, si lo desea
    2. En 8 segundos describa un hecho que le importe sobre los defectos congénitos (ej.¿Qué es un defecto congénito? ¿Cómo afectan los defectos congénito la vida diaria / las funciones.? ¿Cómo le impactó este defecto congénito?)
    3. Nombre a alguien de su red social para que complete el Desafío de los 8 segundos con un defecto congénito que le importe. (ej. familia, amigos, compañeros de trabajo, personas que toman decisiones localmente, influencers).
  • Una vez que tenga el video, súbalo a Instagram , Facebook, y X (Twitter), luego etiquete a @worldbdday (Instagram y X) / @WBDday (Facebook) y utilice #WorldBDday y #ConocimientoSinEstigma. ¡Difunda la palabra y feliz grabación!

Consejo:  ¡los 8 segundos pasan muy rápido! Hágalo breve y sagaz .  ¡Si no puede completar el Desafío de  los 8 segundos,  no se preocupe! ¡El principal propósito es promover la concientización, conocimiento sobre defectos congénitos y difundirlo por el mundo!


WBDD 2024 Events:

Friday, March 1st @ 11am EST

Join us on X and Threads for a live chat in English and Spanish raise awareness about birth defects worldwide.

Download the WBDD Online Chat Banner and the WBDD Online Chat Flyer to spread the word!

Friday, March 1st @ 1 pm EST

Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS)/MotherToBaby presents a free online webinar with special guest Dr. Sura Alwan, Co-Director of Teratogen Information System (TERIS) at the University of Washington. Dr. Alwan will be presenting on the topic of “Pregnancy Exposures and Birth Defect: What Have We Learned?”

Follow this link to register for free.

Monday, March 4th @ 8 am EST

Join the WHO, Children’s Heartlink, Operation Smile, and many more organizations in a discussion of addressing birth defects inequities through prevention, lifesaving, and lifelong care. Learn more about advancing equitable access to health services and advocacy.

Click on this link to register today.

Tuesday, March 5th @ 12:30 am EST

WHO-SEARO is hosting the “Regional Webinar on Birth Defects: Every Journey Matters.” The webinar will discuss efforts to mobilize commitment and actions for priority attention to ‘prevention and management of birth defects’ among the Member States, and disseminate the Implementation guidance and training videos on Universal Newborn Screening (UNS).

A detailed webinar schedule can be downloaded here, and download the promotional flyer!

Please register for this webinar by clicking this link.