Birth Defects Matter (2022-2023)

Birth defects matter across the globe!

We encourage everyone to raise awareness about birth defects research, prevention, and care by representing their country for our 2023 WBDD campaign.

How to participate:

  1. Get a “Birth defects matter” sign.
    1. Available in English/Spanish (A4 size, letter size).
  2. Write the name of your country on the line.
  3. Write what motivates you to support birth defects research, prevention, and care. Why do you care about the impact of birth defects on the people around you and the larger community?
  4. Take a picture of you holding up your answer.
  5. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with hashtags #WorldBDDay and #ManyBirthDefects1Voice.

Download the “Birth defects matter” sign. Instructions are available in English and Spanish (A4 size, letter size).

Suggested messages: Birth defects matter in (your country) because… / Los defectos congénitos son importantes en (tu país) porque…

  • Because raising awareness can help babies around the world. / Porque aumentando la concientización puedo ayudar bebés en todo el mundo.
  • Because birth defects affect us all. / Porque los defectos congénitos nos afectan a todos.
  • Because every child deserves a healthy future. / Porque cada niño merece un futuro saludable.
  • Because we can save lives by working to improve care for babies born with birth defects. / Porque podemos salvar vidas si trabajamos para mejorar el cuidado de los bebés que tienen defectos congénitos.
  • Because about 8 million babies around the world are born with a serious birth defect every year. / Porque cada año en el mundo nacen cerca de 8 millones de niños con un defecto congénito grave.
  • Because we can help prevent birth defects, such as fortifying foods with folic acid. / Porque podemos ayudar a prevenir defectos congénitos, por ejemplo fortificando alimentos con ácido fólico.

You may also participate in our previous years “I Care” campaign by clicking here!