International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

The International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (IF) celebrates the World Birth Defects Day as an annual event each year since 2015.

On the one hand this year, IF designed a social media toolkit which gathers background information about the World Birth Defects Day, its importance, how and why it has been established. This toolkit includes key messages, resources, hashtags and infographics to be used on social media to raise awareness of birth defects. This social media package was shared with IF members through the internal newsletter, special email, social media and during online events. It is also displayed on the IF website to the lay audience (see the news article here and the toolkit here).

On the other hand, IF gave support to the activities organized through the WBDD committee by sharing them in the IF toolkit and on IF social media channels. As an example, IF promoted the Twitter and Instagram live chats.

As a result of the campaign conducted on March 3 2022 on IF social media channels, namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we would like to share with you some relevant highlights:

  1. A)  Twitter:
    • + 3000 reach
    • Average engagement rate by reach of 5.7%, which is beyond Twitter average engagement rate around 2%.
  2. B)  Facebook
    • 13,331 reach
    • + 540 reactions (likes, comments, sharing)
  3. C)  LinkedIn
    • + 200 reach
    • Engagement rate of 12%
  4. D)  Instagram
    • +800 reach

IF will continue supporting and taking actions on future WBDD and hopefully collaborate at a larger scale with the WBDD committee.

See Full Report here

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